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47-49 Duke Street, Edinburgh EH6 8HH

About Dangal an Indian Takeaway in Edinburgh

Dangal is an Indian Restaurant and Takeaway Based in Edinburgh. Dangal offers fresh Indian food and fast service for collection Order / delivery order. You can book a table online from us. Just browse the menu, select your order and proceed to the checkout. Pay via cash or card. Had an experience and wish to leave a review? Simply click on feedback and share your thoughts on your preferred platform.

The Indian name ‘Dangal’ means wrestling, a pursuit which is hugely popular in the Indian countryside and almost every Indian city today. Participants require a healthy diet to perform at their best!

Dangal is a name of Indian origin meaning 'wrestling', commonly played by the locals in the countryside. The name gained much importance after a movie was made on it, where wrestling and the nutrition of the wrestlers were given prime importance.

Certified with the Edinburgh Prestige award, our restaurant is well known for its authentic Indian dishes, made with very little oil (as the wrestlers prefer). From street food to the Indian masala chai, we offer robust flavors of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, combined with our signature dining experience. Dangal is the ideal venue for people with a lust for life & a love of bright colours & flowers.

Nestled in the heart of Edinburgh, Dangal is a four-star restaurant, renowned not only for it's enchanting venues, but also it's fantastic delivery service, which covers both our sublime food and a great selection of alcohol). We also proudly use only emission-free vehicles for our fleet of delivery vehicles.

Dangal Restaurant and Takeaway is operarting under legal name of Edinburgh Fresh Foods Limited.

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Indian Takeaway of the year

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Contributing our bit towards the environment by using vehicles emitting zero emission

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