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The braw odour of Indian food can make anyone and everyone gets drawn towards it. It is no surprise to see that one can easily identify the infusion of herbs, spices, and flavourful aroma reaching the nostrils and making the hunger increase exponentially. Indian food has the capacity to fankle every individual that has walked onto this planet into the strong clasp of its satin-smooth and toothsome flavours. If you are still misguided by the fact that the sole base of Indian food is curry, then maybe it is high time that you try vegan Indian food in Edinburgh.

Post the pandemic the world and all its inhabitants have experienced the importance of staying fit and eating nutritious food. So have you, right? Parallelly, over the course of time, Indian cuisine has worked miraculously to gain the status of one of the most authentic and healthy ones. Thus, against the common myth in society, Indian food can be both appetising and nourishing at the same time. It is in fact, more blended and saporous and will leave you feeling tantalised. Let us ponder over the benefits of the vegan infused with Indian food and see the magic happen.

India is great for all the Lacto-vegetarian travelers out there and has a lot to offer. Bharat has been following the vegan movement even before it actually took place across the globe. Cannot travel all the way? Worry not, because Dangal has covered you in this domain. At Dangal, one can order a vegan Indian takeaway in Edinburgh so that you can subscribe to health perpetually.

Talking about Indian food, who does not know the famous Indian street food: Samosa? Ordering your vegetable samosa from Dangal that is stuffed with freshly diced potatoes, green peas, and ground Indian spices will take you on cloud nine. We, at Dangal, with our expert panel of chefs with exemplary skills, offer you this classic vegan dish that will leave you craving for more. Well, if you are planning to lose weight and get more nutrients, what could be better than the aubergine pakora? This eggplant dish with a batter of chickpea is an ultimate get-go when trying vegan Indian food in Edinburgh. Not just that, one can easily get their hands on the vegetable pakoras or the onion bhaji if they want. The freshness and the earthiness of these dishes will be a delight to the tastebuds and an ultimate culinary experience to all the souls of all the foodies out there.

What are you waiting for? To have a rich experience of exemplary skills, visit Dangal. ‘Dinnae fash yersel’ with mediocre food that claims to be Indian because we at Dangal know the trick and tips of making authentic Indian dishes with utmost love. We use less oil and more love while serving you as we believe in the motto of Atithi Devo Bhava. If you want to relax and enjoy yourselves at our outlets in Edinburgh we are ready to have a feast for you. Want a takeaway? Get your vegan Indian takeaway in Edinburg delivered right to your doorstep. Savour the carefully sourced ingredients and build a fit body alongside. So, dunna be blate, glaep yun down mate!