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Imagine sitting at home on a braw day with your better half. If you want to let your imagination run wild then think of an awfy dreich day and you do not want to get out of the comforting hug of your blankets. The only thing you want to do is coorieing under the covers and make the most of your lazy weekend. Well, no story can go ahead this easily, can it? The twist in the story is when you experience a sudden urge to eat something. Maybe a  mouth-watering delicacy? But would you want to get up, go out of your comforters and cook? Do not worry, cut yourself some slack and go with the flow. However difficult the problem is, the solution is right around the corner. Why not order yourself a curry takeaway in Edinburg. This will give you the chance to binge whilst coorieing, loon, isn’t it?. We at Dangal have got you covered.

Contrary to the popular belief that Indian food is just curry, maybe it is high time you understand that it is so much more. Indian cuisine has the power to tantalize you and sway you off your feet with ease. It is the one and only cuisine that comes from the land of great prophets and intellectuals. Not just that, this cuisine has the power to surprise and grab the attention of world-renowned culinary experts and chefs. Get a first-hand experience of the power of this flavour bomb as we at Dangal guarantee that you would not be able to let go of this taste once you try it for yourself.

From Chicken Tikka, which is marinated in yogurt, garlic, ginger, and fresh coriander, to the Murgh Malai, a delicacy that is covered in grated cheese, coriander, and chili, one can taste the earthiness of the Indian street food in Edinburgh only when you pay a visit to Dangal. Planning to order a hot and appetising takeaway, that sounds fair enough too. Not just that, if you want to get your hands on Tandoori Chicken, which is made in the flavorful mix of fenugreek and mixed spices, then so be it. Dangal has got your back to a delightful dining experience for your social days. Worry not because you can order Dangal Special Mango Chicken Tikka, which is a twist to the classic Indian food, the next time you feel hangry. The fresh mangoes and mint will give a punch to your taste buds which are far beyond the basics.

We, at Dangal, take inspiration from Indian food and take immense pride in presenting a healthier version of it, i.e., food that is cooked in less oil, and by the use of expert culinary techniques. Our panel of chefs, from executive to panel, are all experienced and creative. So, if you wish to have one of a kind dining experience, our outlets offer succulent Indian tandoori food for you. No more shying away from overeating every once in a while because the food we present will make you lick your fingers. From takeaways for your cozy days to the dine-in for dinner dates, Dangal offers the right ambiance for one and all. Visit Dangal and have a one-of-a-kind street food adventure inspired by the roadside hawkers from India. We have set up the Indian street food market for you and we promise to bring the rich heritage of curry takeaway in Edinburg right to your doorstep.