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Often, after spending your evenings running household errands to the supermarket, you feel dog-tired! You might be even starved at this time and still wish to take a night off from cooking. All you would wish for is to gulp down a decent serving of a flavourful meal and head to hit the sack, isn’t it?

If you are in a similar situation where your stomach is growling from hunger, and your body just wants to grab 40 winks, takeaway meals can at least help beat your hunger pangs, if not the sleep! As it is said, “Bannocks is better nor nae breid”, if you have some cravings for Indian street food, takeaways are the best you can get right now. Not only will a delicious takeaway meal save you some time from cooking, but serves as a convenient alternative when dine-in isn't an option. And when you can call it a braw day with something toothsome without having to stand in the kitchen for hours, you should give it a shot.

Wait! We know you must be planning to order Indian street food in Edinburgh whilst you come back home, but first, take a look at how ordering a takeaway meal will be beneficial- 

  1. No more beating out the crowds for eating food in a restaurant

Finding a table, sitting in a restaurant and waiting for your food to arrive seems like a never-ending journey. A takeaway meal can help ditch that longing for your food as you can grab it on your way and eat whenever & wherever you feel like. The quality of the food remains the same, and it is packaged in a manner that retains the heat and ensures the meal comes to you hot and fresh. When you order vegan Indian food in Edinburgh, it comes with silverware and napkins, so now you aren’t supposed to do any dishes too!

       2. Same cost or even less

When you order takeaway, it costs you the same or maybe even less. If you are an employee or a student who needs to eat at a restaurant heading to work or at lunchtime every time, take-outs allow them to spend fewer bucks in their budget. 

       3. Save time

On a dreich day, when you have a lot on your plate, having a meal on the go and eating it whilst you complete the pending tasks is a considerable asset. Furthermore, if you are someone who can get tantalised by just the thought of having food, such as Indian street food in Edinburgh, while you work, takeaway meals are the best options.

      4. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet

A take-out meal is no more synonymous with junk food. With time, people have grown more conscious about eating the right food, which is why they prefer healthy dishes. In addition to this, Vegan Indian food Edinburgh has a plethora of dishes that give you a chance to wallow in the flavours of lip-smacking food. 

Wanting to Savour the Delicious and Amazing Indian Street Food? Visit Dangal Today

At Dangal, we understand that food is the way to comfort both the heart & soul and that comfort is what we aspire to bring to our patrons. With our carefully-chosen menu, we wish to endeavour all your favourite Indian healthy temptations while keeping your health and nutrition in mind. So, if it is Indian street food that you have been craving, visit us today.