215 St John's Rd, Edinburgh EH12 7UU
47-49 Duke Street, Edinburgh EH6 8HH

It is a braw day for some warm and comforting Indian street food in Edinburgh, right? It is rightly said, one should never compromise on eating food that is healthy, tasty, and made with the infusion of spices, herbs and a lot of love. Thus, finger-licking Rogan Josh hailing from the beautiful hills of Kashmir or the Shakuti from the land of beaches, Goa, awaits the arrival of their foodie.

An age-old saying goes around something like this, ‘When in Scotland, do as the Scottish do’. Thus, for those Scottish fellows out there, hailing from the land of whisky, also commonly referred to as the home of the tallest waterfall in Britain, Scotland, welcome to Dangal. An appetising Indian meal after a long day at the Home of Golf would be the right way to end the day, wouldn’t it?

Be gallus with the Indian curry food:

India, the land of flavours, offers a wide variety of food. All those who have had the chance to order a curry takeaway in Edinburgh or have got the privilege to try the authentic flavours of the great Bharat know the true value of flavours. By paying a visit to the land one can guarantee the attainment of the experience of the finest foods in their lifetime. Good Indian food is the antidote to a dreich day. From the Parsi speciality dish called Dhansak which is made with lentils flavoured with spices including cumin and ginger to Vindaloo from Goa, experience the magnificence of Indian food. Not just that, Saag hailing from the land of the hardworking farmers in Punjab and the Makhani, a north Indian speciality, Indian food will never disappoint you. With an aroma so tantalising, to the flavours that you fankle your head around the food, this cuisine is worth giving a shot if you haven’t already.

Thus, Dangal, a multispeciality Indian Restaurant that offers everything from the classic dishes to the Indian street food in Edinburgh welcomes one and all. At Dangal, the motto is making Indian food with a twist. The most professional chefs at this exquisite dine out location excels in keeping nutrition in mind, and hold expertise in cooking food with low oil and modern culinary styles. One can have the flavour blast with the first bite as the chefs excel in preserving the true ethnicity of the mouth-watering Indian food. When at Dangal, you dunna be blate and glaep yun down!

Dangal welcomes all the Unicorns to have an elevated culinary experience with the flavoursome Indian food. Be it a birthday, a wedding, a get-together or a baby shower, one can eat the delectable dishes hailing from the land of Himalayas at the best location in Edinburgh. The aura of the place will get one going and the food will be a cherry on the cake. With Rara Gosht, Lamb Punjabi Handi and Mixed Seafood Karahi, Dangal has got you covered. To have one of the fairest dining experiences or the soundest curry takeaway in EdinburghDangal has got your back.