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Long weekends in Edinburgh, or anywhere in Scotland, have recently become a guilty pleasure of citizens or travellers that live in the city. From architectural heritage set against the luscious green mountains to friendly local people and the easy-to-walk city centre- there is a plethora of reasons to enjoy a day off or a weekend after a dreich week in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.

However, there is one aspect of this beautiful country that is frequently misunderstood by people: its food scene. A few years ago, when foreign visitors were asked to describe Scottish food, their responses would probably include haggis, deep-fried, bright orange soda and unhealthy food. For decades, Scotland has been associated with beige and fried foods.

With time, Edinburgh’s dining scene has blossomed and reached a good place now. As per a study conducted by MuscleFoods, the Scottish capital has been crowned as the favourite destination for foodies, beating London, Glasgow and Manchester. The city has now become home to 117 healthy restaurants, making it easier for people to keep a balanced diet if they find themselves here. As a result, foodies across Scotland have been heading to Edinburgh to grab a meal to bless their taste buds with tempting flavours and their stomachs with wholesome meals.

Edinburgh has transformed itself into a culinary capital in the past few years now. It has opened a pathway for plenty of independent restaurants such as us at Dangal, new coffee shops that can compete with even the most caffeinated city hubs, a weekend in Edinburgh full of indulgent, healthy treats has never been better. As it is now known for food tourism, we at Dangal are exhilarated to be a part of this great ‘foodie destination’ and adhere to put our best foot forward to offer great food and excellent service. People that visit us are interested in our regional cooking, how our dishes are prepared and what type of ingredients we use. Even more so, we pride ourselves on offering Indian takeaway in Edinburgh that speaks volumes about India’s culture, its herbs, spices, and flavours.

So, if you are craving a nutritious meal such as mouth-watering, enriched with tempting flavours of kebabs, the best Indian Kebab restaurant, Dangal, is here to tantalise you with a healthy temptation! No more avoiding Indian cuisine because of the myth that it is oily and unhealthy. We bring to you a culinary experience that is infused with the traditional ethnicity of Indian cuisine yet nutritious and healthy at the same time. Further, if you wish to recreate the Indian dining experience at home with your family, all you need to do is order an Indian takeaway from Edinburgh today.